Transcargo Group

The genesis of the Group goes back to 2009, when Transcargo-Group started to operate a number of tugboats rendering sea towage services.  Since the company’s origins to-date, the company moored and assisted ships of all types and sizes, in and out of the terminals under all kinds of traffic and weather conditions. It also provides fire-fighting assistance, oil pollution and environmental control and safety to vessels requiring salvage assistance.  

From Saint-Petersburg, the Company has gradually spread its fleet to other Russian and international ports specialising worldwide in other diversified activities such as the offshore transshipment, deep-sea towage services of ships and salvage, offsore marine support and any kind of floating craft.

Since the 2011s, Transcargo-Group expanded its operations and marshalled its resources to off-shore transshipment, development and production including towage and salvage and provided assistance needed for other specialised services in the bulk cargo sector. In this sector, the Transcargo - Group is very active in Black Sea - Kerch strait.

Through its subsidiaries Triton AB and other, Transcargo-Group also operates in the bulk carrier, chemical and product carrier markets whilst having an office presence in several port cities around the world including Helsingborg, Novorossiysk, Saint-Petersburg. Furthermore through the successful acquisition of Transcargo, Transcargo-Group also managed to take advantage of the Company’s strategic location in the Mediterranean & Black Sea, in order to expand and establish a foothold in the central Black Sea basin and the Mediterranean off-shore market.

The shareholding fabric of the Transcargo-Group is that of a well-knitted family group with deep roots in the three mainstay operations of offshore, transshipment, offshore marine support and ocean towage and salvage. It is a global Group that has geographical market spread and international network of clients and industry stakeholders that represent a considerable source of business opportunities.